Ferndale Forest

By Davey Morgan

64 pages, Ages 10+



Delve into the mystique of Medieval Wales through a captivating anthology that weaves together a tapestry of mythical wonders throughout Southern Wales and beyond. Within these pages, you'll encounter fierce dragons and noble knights, gallant quests and mystical castles, all set against a backdrop of verdant landscapes. From the heart-stirring tales of valiant warriors to the whispered secrets of hidden magic, this book transports you to a realm where unicorns roam, and chivalry knows no bounds.

Unearth the legends that have shaped Wales' rich cultural heritage, where stories of courage, honor, and enchantment come alive. Each tale is a portal to a bygone era, where honor-bound knights clash with mythical beasts, where castles stand tall as symbols of power, and where the allure of magic casts its spell. Prepare to be immersed in a realm where the line between reality and fantasy blurs, and where the echoes of medieval voices beckon you to join their timeless journey.

Experience the thrill of dragons taking to the skies, the elegance of unicorns gracing hidden glens, and the potent allure of ancient sorcery. As you turn each page, you'll uncover the essence of Wales' medieval spirit – a world of dreams and legends that continue to ignite the fires of imagination. This collection invites you to stand on the battlements of history, where heroes rise, mythical creatures roam, and the magic of the past is within your grasp.


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