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Brecon Publishing, established 2023 in Greenville, SC, is where imagination thrives, crafting rich tales of mesmerizing fiction, inviting you to join us in the pure and authentic experience of storytelling.

Our Team

Davey Morgan

Publisher, Writer, and Illustrator

Davey's artistic and literary odyssey, underscored by the melodic strains of his guitar and mandolin, commenced in 2005, setting the stage for a unique blend of musicality and narrative. His foray into the realms of songwriting and devotional prose early on in his career brought a distinct lyrical resonance to his creations. With a B.A. in Visual Art secured from Erskine College in 2007, Davey expanded his creative horizons, adding depth and texture to his artistic endeavors. The launch of "Calvin the Monkey" in 2008 heralded Davey's venture into the world of children's storytelling, unveiling his innate flair for engaging young minds.

The year 2018 marked a significant milestone in Davey's journey as he sought to refine his writing technique through formal classes, a move that greatly enriched his narrative craft. This period of skill enhancement led to a creative renaissance in 2020, propelling him toward the publication of "Cayo and Patch: The Piso Crystal" in 2021. This children's comic book not only signified his debut in the comic book arena but also highlighted his growth as a storyteller and artist.

Davey's portfolio now showcases a vibrant collection of children's literature, each piece characterized by a unique narrative voice and vividly illustrated by Davey himself. The fusion of his illustrative talent with his storytelling prowess allows for a richly immersive reading experience, blending visual art and text in a seamless narrative tapestry. His venture into short story compilation further diversifies his literary contributions, presenting his versatile talent in a new light.

Marissa Morgan

Editor, Creative Associate

Marissa stands at the intersection of art and science, wielding her Bachelor of Science from Erskine College as a testament to her versatile background.

As both an editor and a creative associate, she specializes in enriching the literary landscape, bringing stories to life with her exceptional narrative flair and precision.

Marissa's talent shines brightest when she's immersed in the world of books, where her meticulous editing skills and imaginative touch elevate manuscripts to masterpieces. Her work transcends mere editing; it involves a deep, creative partnership with authors to ensure their visions are fully realized on the page. Marissa is a custodian of quality in the literary world, driven by a passion for storytelling that engages, enlightens, and entertains. Her unique blend of scientific rigor and creative intuition makes her an indispensable asset to the realm of literature.

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